About Us

Grandparents and Others on Watch, Inc. (GrOW) is a 501(c)(3) corporation organized under Missouri’s public benefit law. We currently have representatives in central Missouri, southwestern Missouri and in Southern California.

We have a community education program, Not with My child, a Case Watch program, and a Community Awareness program.

Board of Directors:

Sue Allen is our President and National Director of Education. She lives in Southern California.  She has in the past, very successfully, made it her business to track down online predators. She developed our community education presentation, “Not with my Child” . She is a medical professional by education and occupation.

Jim Murray is GrOW’s co-founder and Vice President. He is the retired Police Chief of Diamond, Missouri (Joplin area) who garnered national media attention a few years ago by posing as a 13 year old “Cindy” in online chat rooms. Chief Murray was directly responsible for the arrest and conviction of 2 dozen child molesters. He and his wife, Jane, are also active with MADD.

Dan William Peek, GrOW’s co-founder and Executive Director, is a marketing consultant, musician, and author.

John G. Clark is an attorney and CPA who is well known for his interest and activism in community issues in Mid-Missouri.  He is GrOW’s Secretary and Treasurer.

Patricia Green is GrOW’s Director of Research. She is a retired Registered Nurse with seven years’ experience as a Psychiatric Nurse working with abused children. She also has a degree in Criminal Justice and worked briefly with the MO Attorney General’s office as an investigator.

Joy Peek is a medical professional who was instrumental in the founding of GrOW.

Steven W. Wise, also instrumental in the founding of GrOW, owns a real estate appraisal business in Columbia, Missouri and is a published author of five novels.

Melinda Kidder is a licensed Private Investigator. She resides in Columbia, MO and takes a special interest in cases involving children.